Very early in Fernando’s life, he was seven, his father -Julio Táccari- taught him his very first tangos. At age nine, he won his first award on the televised singing contest “HOY ACTÚA USTED”, a TV show aired in the city of Bahia Blanca.

Later on, he was 14, he participated in the “Primer Encuentro Musical de la Juventud Argentina”, the first meeting rallying young singers from all over Argentina at the Luna Park hall. He wins the Tango category, and is handed the award by representatives of the Federal Government and the Ministry of Social Welfare.

But the hallmark in his career comes at age 18, when Fernando becomes one of the singers in the renowned, already traditional, duet of of Maestro Héctor Varela’ orchestra, coupled by singer Jorge Falcón. For their performance, they receive Platinum and Gold Album awards.

In 1981, he leaves Hector Varela’s orchestra and sets on the road of personal success in the world of Tango.
In 1985, he records his first CD as a solo singer – “El Cantor de Buenos Aires” (the singer of Buenos Aires). Acclaimed by foreign audiences, he tours Japan for 3 months with José Basso’s orchestra. The tour also includes Canada and Colombia.

In 1987, he records his second CD, “La Voz de Buenos Aires” (the voice of Buenos Aires).

He visits Holland for 5 consecutive years. From is shortlisted and nominated for Best Foreign Singer, and in 1989, is awarded with the “Best Foreign Singer of the Year”, receiving the “Golden Heart Rotterdam” for that year from the Mayor of Rotterdam.
In that same year, he opens up his tango house in Buenos Aires – “TANGO MIO” -, and with it comes long-lasting success among Latino audiences, taking numerous trips to Chile and Brazil (a country he has visited twice a year since then, with spectacular success).

In 1992, Argentina is selected as the first Latin American country to hold the opening ceremony of the International Tourist Fair, ITB, and the government asks Fernando Soler to present to the world his spectacular Tango Show, for which he receives standing ovations from authorities and personalities from all over the world.
This is also the year when Fernando records his third CD as a solo singer, “TANGO MIO”
In 1994, he organizes the following tango festivals :
-First Tango Festival in Cuba
-Sixth Tango Festival in Granada.

In May of the same year, Fernando is invited by the authorities of Chile and Argentina to inaugurate the National Academy of Tango in Chile; some time later, the government of the city of Buenos Aires asks him to represent the city for “The Argentine Week in Berlin”.

In 1996, he opens “SEÑOR TANGO”, a  show which has been honoured more than once -it was declared of “Parlamentarian and Cultural Interest” by the Congress of Argentina, of “Tourist Interest” by the Government of the city of Buenos Aires and  by the Secretariat of Tourism of the Nation.

Also in 1996, he was selected “Personality of the Year”, for his extensive cultural work - i.e. as an ambassador of our vernacular music.
Italy’s RAI broadcasts live from Buenos Aires the 1996 Señor Tango End of the Year celebration, where a toast is raised to welcome the New Year. The show is also aired live in Italy.

In 1998, he records his fourth CD, “LA PULPERA DE SANTA LUCIA”, accompanied by the guitars of “Las Guitarras Argentinas”.

In February of 1999, he is invited by poet Horacio Ferrer to offer two concerts of the opera “Maria de Buenos Aires” in Poland. The event meets with praise and becomes highly significant for its vast repercussions.

During the Holy Week of April 2000, he records “EL SEÑOR TANGO”, LIVE- his fifth CD.

Towards the end of 2001, he appears at the Teatro Colón of Buenos Aires with his 50- artists-on-stage show, not only starring the show but also directing it.  It should be noted that Teatro Colon –a world renowned theatre- has seldom held tango shows, and then, only on very special occasions.

The Colon theatre has only hosted Maestros Anibal Troilo, Astor Piazzola, Osvaldo Pugliese, and Mariano Mores; the above underscores the significance of Fernando’s show, which has been listed among the most prestigious cultural and historical events staged at the Colón.

Besides, in 2001, he is appointed an “Honorary Member of the Second Generation of Tango” by the Members of the Real Academia Argentina, chaired by Horacio Ferrer. He is also once again selected as “Personality of the Year” by the Argentine magazine “GENTE”.

Towards the end of 2002, he gets a Gold Album for his CD “EL SEÑOR TANGO”; meanwhile, he is preparing two other CDs, one with Maestro Ernesto Franco, and the other, romantic, under the direction of Lisandro Andrones.

The year 2003 brings on a full agenda abroad:
To start with, Universal Studies hire the show and Señor Tango is to be on for ten years on Sunny Isles; next is Punta del Este (Uruguay), and then Brazil. Fernando also keeps up with his performances in SEÑOR TANGO Buenos Aires, and his latest recordings.

For all of the above, Fernando Soler is once again presented with the “Personality of the Year Award.

The year 2004 sees the completion of the “TANGUERO DE LEY” CDs.

Señor Tango’s 2005 Bizz Award for “Best Tango Musical” was received by Fernando Soler, creator and director of the show. The award was presented by “The World Confederation of Bussiness” at a gala ceremony in Houston.

That same year, the symbol of cultural union between Argentina and Brazil had Mr. Soler as the recipient of the “Marco de la Paz” (framework for peace) award, granted him in Sao Paulo for the show’s uninterrupted performances in Brazil.
During 2006, both the Señor Tango show and Fernando Soler participated in the 7th Tango Festival at Krefeld, Germany, the well-known, emblematic birthplace of Henry Band, creator of the bandoneon.
It is also the year when the Argentine Culture Committee declares the Works and Career of the artist and creator of Señor Tango of Cultural Interest (Order #1058).
On July 14 2006, Fernando Soler receives the “Top of Business International” award in Sao Paulo, Brazil. A year later, he is elected “Entrepreneur of the Year” for the category Shows by the Association of Argentine Entrepreneurs, ADEA.

It is now 2007. Fernando Soler is forty and a well-known tango-er when he is voted “Prominent Personality of the City of Buenos Aires”.
In March 2008, the Latin Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences acknowledges “Señor Tango” as an icon of tango music by hosting the Latin Grammy Awards there.
In the current year, Fernando Soler will be travelling to Belo Horizonte, Brazil, to receive the “Best International Singer” award; he is also travelling to Sao Paulo to receive the “International Tourist Highlight” award for Señor Tango.

Fernando Soler has recently edited his seventh CD to present his first video clip, “INTIMAMENTE”, singing solo with 34 outstanding musicians. The disk has already been nominated for the Latin Grammy awards.

All of the above evidences that Fernando Soler has a long standing, earnest career in this genre, one that goes back to his childhood of lullaby tangos, one in the name of which he has worked tirelessly for years, despite all and any adversity. He has turned into the bearer of the Tango Standard Banner, and he carries it across the world as an ambassador of Argentina, bringing prestige to our music with the perfect nuances of light and sound, staging it all with the utmost care, out of sheer respect for his beliefs.

To put it in plain words, he has been all about tango since early childhood, even at times when things may have seemed a utopia; still, he persevered, and the long-standing history of earnest hard work has positioned him as one of the most prestigious artists of our country.

CDs recorded as a solo singer

- EL CANTOR DE BUENOS AIRES, Leopoldo Federico, José Colangelo
- TANGO MIO, Osvaldo Rizzo Pichuquito
- LA PULPERA DE SANTA LUCIA, Guitarras Argentina
- EL SEÑOR TANGO, Sexteto Juventango
- TANGUERO DE LEY, con Ernesto Franco
- INTIMAMENTE, con los 34 músicos más renombrados de la Ciudad de Bs. As.

CDs recorded with Maestro Hector Varela

- AZUCAR, PIMIENTA Y SAL, junto a Jorge Falcón