Tango is not just music to listen to or dance to magically entwined… Tango rhythms and cadences mystify us, surreptitiously trickling into our veins, lyrics making our heart tingle, instilling passion in our soul.  Folk wisdom has worded it wonderfully: “It takes a sad feeling to Tango” (Enrique Santos Discepolo).

Writer Leopoldo Marechal once said that Tango, the vernacular music of the city of Buenos Aires, “entails infinite possibilities”. Tango is an outstanding creation evoking both thrill and woe  – contrasting but coexisting, and equally stirring deep-rooted gut feelings of nationalism amongst Argentines.
Tango: Irresistible, incredibly sensuous, Argentine and unforgettable, as is Señor  Tango.

The show brings enjoyment to the five senses, it is a lavish display of light, colour, and sound with state-of-the-art technology to enhance the most dazzling show in the history of tango.
It was created, directed and produced by Fernando Soler; it boasts over forty artists on stage, and throughout the two hours it lasts, it goes from traditional tango -played by the orchestra of Maestro Ernesto Franco, who was Juan Darienzo’s first bandoneon for 24 years, during the golden years- to the most contemporary Tango of the late Maestro Astor Piazzolla, played by the “Juventango” orchestra.

Ladies are present too, represented by performer twins Marcela and Fernanda Pereyra; and Sangre Andina, musical amusement in the hands of Coquena Lamas and his group.

The show has nine dancing couples who create individual and group choreographies, boasting impressive skills and impersonating renowned personalities tangoing to the appropriate music in their typical attire.
Among them, “Escondite”, a rendering of “Apache” tango, a European flamenco-inspiredballroom tango; and “Roxanne”, the very first choreography to connect Tango with Hollywood, created and musicalised by Mariano Mores combining lyrics by Sting.

The show ends with the performance of “Don’t cry for Me Argentina”, a second-nature anthem for our country. All artists on stage participate, and their roles bear witness to our true national identity, and our deep love for the light blue-and-white national colours.